In short : FlickrOla! is a tiny desktop tool that gives you an update of your contact’s photostream.

I made FlickrOla! because I wanted an easy way to know when one of my contacts has uploaded a picture. In my case, the only time I noticed new pictures of friends was when I logged on to Flickr to edit my own pictures.

Flickr’s photostream-feed gives you a feed with recent pictures your contacts. But since it’s a public feed, does not include your contacts’ pictures that has been set to ‘visible to friends only’. FlickrOla does!

How does it work?

Since we’re dealing with a Flickr tool, I’ve posted the instructions in a flickr-set šŸ™‚

How to install?

You’ll obviously need to install FlickrOla!, but you’ll also need AIR.
Not the French band, AdobeĀ® AIRā„¢ is a kind of plugin you need for your PC in order to use desktop tools like FlickrOla!. Once you’ve installed Air you can download and install many other applications.

1. Download and install AdobeĀ® AIRā„¢

2. Download and install FlickrOla! (version 1.0)

(*) More detailed info bout Air :
Adobe’s Air FAQ
AIR on wikipedia

FlickrOla! currently is Windows only. The installer file will run on a Mac too, but FlickrOla! won’t!


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